Advanced Infusion pumps provide a safe controlled flow of local anesthetics to one or more surgical sites to provide localized pain relief. Controlled flow results from the unique patented design of elastomeric pressure chambers and a steady flow pressure regulator. Used in conjunction with our MicroBore kink-resistant catheters, Advanced Infusion's pain management system provides for the safe and reliable delivery of anesthetic to surgical sites.

Common Applications: smaller surgical sites with shorter treatment duration. ie. hand and foot surgeries.

Common Applications: larger surgical sites or longer duration times. ie. hemorrhoidectomy, pelvic floor repair, plastic/reconstructive and shoulder and knee surgeries.

Alpha Pump Features:
  • Steady Flow internal Pressure Regulator uniform flow, no dumping
  • Multi-Cath Septum multiple catheters/flow rates, one pump
  • Air Vent Filter instant flow, no clearing
  • Internal Fluid Filter 5 micron filter removes particulates
  • Low profile design for convenient mobility
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