Post operative pain management following certain surgical procedures can be enhanced with the use of local anesthetics, in conjunction with narcotics therapy. Orthopedic rehabilitative and joint repair, cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, hemorrhoid surgery, gynecological surgery and nerve blocks are a few of the procedures that respond well to the infusion of local anesthetics.
The management of post operative pain is one of the important challenges after surgery. This is particularly true of patients facing hemorrhoid surgery or shoulder and knee surgery. These patients can enjoy better post operative pain relief through the infusion of anesthetics at the surgical site. New technology allows post operative patients to reduce their need for narcotics and experience less pain.
Advanced Infusion introduces attachable hemorrhoid catheter for the management of postoperative hemorrhoidectomy pain.

Advanced Infusion introduces polyurethane Micro MultiDrip Infusion Catheter for the management of post operative pain in smaller surgical sites.

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