All Advanced Infusion catheters are made from high-strength, kink-resistant polyurethane. The tiny MicroBore design of the catheters ensures easy insertion and minimal patient discomfort while providing safe continuous flow of anesthetic. The catheters have depth marks to enable the surgeon to determine the depth of catheter placement and are color coded to identify catheter flow rate. Each catheter is packaged with a Tegaderm™ clear adhesive dressing to cover the entry site of the catheter into the body.
Alpha Cath™ Infusion Catheter

Indications: The end-drip design of the Alpha Cath™ Infusion Catheter is used for those surgical sites that are smaller such as ankle and hand surgeries.

Multi Drip® Infusion Catheter

Indications: The multiple drip port design of the Multi Drip® Infusion Catheter is used for surgical sites that are larger such as shoulder, knee and plastic reconstructive surgeries.

STA Cath® Attachable Infusion Catheter

Indications: The STA Cath® Attachable Infusion Catheter was specifically designed for the treatment of postoperative pain associated with hemorrhoidectomy.

Anesthesia Catheters

Indications: Advanced Infusion's Anesthesia Catheters are designed for use with regional anesthesia block catheters.

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